Marrying strategic capital + operational expertise

CBTX Capital founding partners Christian Alvarado and Brian Haley have a proven record of creating and growing recurring revenue streams centered around a tangible appreciating asset. Where others might find a sector less trendy, CBTX jumps in head first, ready to work. We draw upon our professional experience and deep relationships to meet rapid growth objectives and achieve significant capital returns.


 Our strategy is based on 2 simple principles

Keep It Simple: Create recurring revenue on top of an appreciating asset

Forget the Hype: The most upside often exists in the less-trendy opportunity

Explore some of our endeavors

We apply our talents and expertise to a broad range of business endeavors.


Basin Red real estate development offers full service commercial and industrial development, specializing in custom construction build-outs, leases, facility planning, land acquisitions, and office park development.


Climate-controlled, class-A, self-storage units for personal, household and business needs, with a focus on facilities that are conveniently located, clean and secure. RV, car, and boat storage also are available.


Vista Media Outdoor Advertising is a licensed outdoor advertiser with multiple locations that offers billboard advertising space in premiere advertising locations throughout Texas.


Midway Holdings manages and maximizes real estate investment portfolios, offering our expertise in increasing cash flow, securing and maintaining tenants, facility management, and creating exit opportunities for equity holders.


Parkside Communities is a real estate investment and development company focused on providing affordable living solutions in desirable locations throughout the United States.


5 OAK is a commercial real estate investment and development company focused on office buildings and multi-family assets. 5 OAK’s portfolio strategy centers around a long-term investment horizon.